Critical Praise for The Art of Pricing

When The Art of Pricing first came out, The New York Times named
it among those business books that "should have been best sellers"
but got lost "in the shuffle."
When The Art of Pricing first came out, The New York Times named it among those business books that "should have been best sellers" but got lost "in the shuffle."
"The key to getting that additional profit, Mr. Mohammed contends in a clear, conversational tone, is to offer customers a variety of pricing options and allow them to pick the one that works best for them...What is clear from Mr. Mohammed's book is that it might be easier to produce greater margins by concentrating on the numerator (price) - what you charge - instead of obsessing about costs."
The New York Times
"The Art of Pricing is an entertaining primer on how to unlock 'hidden profits' and growth by aligning your product's price with the value customers place on it."
BusinessWeek SmallBiz
"This conversational, easy and informative read is worth paying attention to."
Entrepreneur Magazine
"Here is a book that is really 'where the rubber meets the road' pricing...I enjoyed this book because the author wrote a book full of real world examples."
800-CEO-READ, A Jack Covert Monthly Selection
Included in the Forbes' Entrepreneurial Library (10 books that no entrepreneur should be without). "Pricing products and services is one of the most crucial, and difficult, decisions that an entrepreneur will make...he (Mohammed) finds psychological and macroeconomic rules to help readers set prices effectively as they enter the marketplace."

Critical Praise for The 1% Windfall

The 1% Windfall was selected as a best business book of the year by Small Business Trends,
a top 10 business book of the year by Todd Sattersten (former President of 800-CEO-READ),
and a top 50 business book of all time by Business MBA.
"The book offers practical guidelines that any sized company can follow to create a comprehensive pricing plan and increase profits without sacrificing customer loyalty. It's a tricky equation, but Mohammed offers a strategic solution."
Consulting Magazine
"Pricing consultant Mohammed highlights ideas and tactics that build a foundation to create a pricing strategy for every global company. This is an excellent book."
"He meticulously explains a range of approaches to pricing. Mohammed's point is clear: setting prices simply by calculating costs and profit margins leave money on the table."
Biz Ed
"Rafi Mohammed's excellent book, The 1% a highly organized review and presentation of the wide variety of pricing strategies and tactics that progressive firms (at least with respect to pricing) have adopted to increase their profits. As such, it serves as a wonderful handbook for those who are searching for a systematic way to think about alternative ways to price their products. Real world examples are provided for virtually all of the pricing strategies and tactics, making it very easy to understand how they are applied."
Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management
"I've been so excited about how this book can help small businesses make more money and reach more customers...You can see that Rafi is passionate about pricing and curious about what motivates people to turn from prospects to customers...You should be clicking over to Amazon or visiting your local bookstore as soon as you're done reading this review because you will be able to increase your revenue, earnings and profits guaranteed."
Small Business Trends
"This book is a 'how to do it' for both those who are already basing prices on the value to customers as well as those who would like to do so. I would certainly recommend the book to anyone who is interested in creating a comprehensive pricing strategy to reap a financial windfall."
The Pricing Advisor
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The Art of Pricing
The Art of Pricing
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The 1% Windfall
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