Rafi Mohammed

Ditch the Discounts

Posted on January 13th, 2011 (0 Comments)

It is the second week of the new year: the economy is showing signs of life, the stock market is approaching 12,000, and recent unemployment numbers are encouraging. Your company probably took a serious margin hit during the recession and now input costs are rising.

So here you are, sitting at your desk thinking, “Given this market environment, I need to revamp my pricing strategy…but what should I do?”  Have I got the perfect article to help you price for profits and growth!

My article, “Ditch the Discounts: Smart Companies used adaptive pricing to ride out the recession. Now it’s time to reprice for recovery,” is the first article in the January/February 2010 print edition of the Harvard Business Review.  

As I always advocate, there are good, better, and best options to access this article.

  • Bronze: Click this link for the free version.
  • Silver: Purchase the reprint for $4.50. The HBR does a brilliant job of presenting ideas: vivid colors and smart-looking callouts.
  • Gold: Purchase the print magazine at your local bookstore or news media retailer. As always, this month’s magazine features cutting edge business ideas including a blockbuster article co-authored by Michael Porter, who is arguably the greatest business strategist ever.

Hope you enjoy “Ditch the Discounts” and my sincere appreciation for reading.

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