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Want a Discount? Pay Upfront...

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Dear Delta Airlines...

Discount with Grace

What's Going to Be a Key to the $700 Billion Bailout? Pricing...Of Course

What's Responsible for the Gas Shortage in Atlanta...Georgia's Anti-Gouging Laws.

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Book Publishers...It's Time to Adopt the NetFlix Pricing Model

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So…How Much are You Willing to Pay to Dance the Night Away at the World’s Largest Disco Party?

Memo to Myself: Don't Discuss Pricing in Social Settings

Congestion Pricing: So What Do You Think?

Price of a Soda on US Airways: $2 if You are Nice, FREE if You aren't...

Memo to the Big Three Automakers: Don't Abandon Leasing, Just Focus on Setting the Right Prices

$20,000 = The RIGHT to Purchase New York Giants Season Tickets

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Well…Actually Illinois’ and Indiana’s 2000 Gas Tax Holiday Lowered Prices at the Pump

Is a Gas Tax Holiday Really Going to Lower Prices at the Pump?

What's Causing Washington DC Cab Drivers to Protest and Strike? A New Pricing Plan...of course!

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Does Paying Experts on Commission Lead to Flawed Diagnoses?

Black Friday...Blue Light Holiday Season

Starbucks...Offering Early Bird Specials Are the Key to Growth

Allow Customers to Cut in Line...Boost Profits by 10%

$40,000 and Your Kid Can Go to the University of Their Choice

Citigroup: Bundling is the Key to Your Future Prosperity

The Federal Reserve Tries to Solve the Hannah Montana Ticket Pricing Challenge

A Dream for Red Sox Fans, A Nightmare for Jordan’s Furniture's Insurance Company

Why are There So Many Different Types of Cereals?

So…Why Do You Tip?

Does Advertising Increase or Decrease Retail Prices?

Intense Competition...Healthy For Your Bottom Line?

Bruce Springsteen...We Need to Talk About Your Pricing

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The Rose Pricing Strategy of Florists and Discounters

The New Pricing Strategy for Online Media: FREE

Some Insurance Executives are Not Sleeping Very Well These Days

Blue Ocean Pricing Strategy

Dear FTC: Are You Sure This Remedy is Going to Lower Prices?

Apple's iPhone Price Cut: The Discount Heard Around the World

How Profitable is Bundling? Lessons From the Rock Concert Industry

What’s Causing the Riff Between NBC and Apple? Price…of course!

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What's the Value of the "The Beach Boys" Brand

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Dow 15,000? Sure, But Companies First Need to Fine Tune Their Pricing Strategy

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A Juicy Pricing Scandal at Best Buy

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Skyrocketing Gas Prices at the Pump...A Confluence of Events or a Price Gouging Conspiracy?

Value Pricing is Good...But These Two Ideas Will Make Your Pricing Strategy Great

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Shakespeare on Pricing: To Offer One Bundled Price or Break Out Charges Separately, That is the Question...

Fried Chicken + Tying + Antitrust = TROUBLE

Want to Start a New Airline? Lower Your as Low as $10 a Flight

Hewlett-Packard: Nice Job of Pricing Your New High-End Copiers

When is Old Really Old (Low Price) and When is Old Really Vintage (Higher Price)?

Pricing Lessons From the Pet Food Recall: It's All About Versioning

Can the Convenience of “One Stop Billing” Bungle Your Bundle?

Bad News...It's Going to Cost A Lot More Than a Few Quarters to Park Downtown

Why Is Ticket Scalping Illegal?

Why Are All Songs on Apple's iTunes Priced at 99 Cents?

The Key to Solving the War in Afghanistan...the Right Price Strategy

Lawyers: Here's a Pricing Strategy that Will Better Satisfy Current Clients, Attract New Clients, and Make You More Money...Interested?

Why Do I Have to Buy Extended Cable to Get HBO?

The Psychology of Pricing

How Much Does Putting Those Little Price Tags on Grocery Items Really Cost?

Competition...It Can Really Depress Your Prices

Why Should Wi-Fi Be Free?

Answering the Age Old Economics Question...Why is Popcorn So Expensive at Movie Theaters

What's Going to Stand in the Way of the Sirius & XM Satellite Merger? You Guessed it...Price

The Home Seller's Prisoner's Dilemma...Why the Housing Market is Destined to Crash

How Do Restaurant Buffets Make Money?

Guess What...You Don’t Have as Much Control Over Your Product’s Value as You Think You Do…

Updates from Blogs of the Past: Valentine's Day, Flat Screen Televisions, Kodak’s Disruptive Pricing, and Pizza for Pesos.

What's Wrong With $2,000 a Pound for Valentines Day Chocolate?!?! Value is in the Eye of the Beholder...

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Insuring Your Airline Ticket Price Will Not Rise: An Attractive Idea, But the Devil is in the Details.

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Pizza for Pesos: A Good Segment Based Pricing Strategy...Minus the Death Threats of Course

How does Kodak Plan to Enter the Crowded Inkjet Printer Market? With a Price Cut of Course!

OK...So When Should You Offer a Mixed Bundling Price Strategy?

Interested in Mixed Bundling? I Think You Are Being Misled By the Experts!

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Long lines, Customers With Open Wallets: Sony Should Have Raised the Price of the PlayStation 3 Right? Maybe Not…

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Hey Warren Buffett: Here's a Simple Pricing Idea That Will Make You Millions in Additional Profits

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It's All About Value

You are Entitled to Price for Profits and Growth