Rafi Mohammed

You are Entitled to Price for Profits and Growth

Posted on November 28th, 2006 (0 Comments)

Welcome to PricingforProfit.com and my blog! I"m glad that you have joined us and hope that you will benefit from the pricing ideas on this site.

Often when I talk to managers, there"s a sense of hesitancy to discuss pricing. Businesses tend to associate sharpening their pricing skills with "taking advantage" of their customers. I think its best to start off my blog by dispelling this notion.

As a businessperson, you"ve worked hard to get to where you are at today: put in the 80 hour weeks, took financial & career risks, overcome endless obstacles, and rode the resulting successes and failures. Given that most entrepreneurs end up failing, those that succeed are truly entitled to profit. And profit, which is directly linked to pricing, is the carrot that drives our entrepreneurial system.

You provide services that make our lives better and more productive. And most importantly, customers always have a choice...they are allowed to say your price is "too rich for their blood." And remember, when customers do buy from you, they are in essence saying "thank you, we looked around at various options (your competitors) and decided that your product offers us the best value."

As an entrepreneur, you provide a great service to our society and your customers. It is "fair" for you to price for profits and growth. So let"s start discussing pricing strategies that allow you to both better serve your customers and benefit your bottom line!

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