Rafi Mohammed

New Pricing Book!

Posted on April 23th, 2008 (3 Comments)

It was exciting to receive a signed contract for my new pricing book in this morning’s mail. I am truly happy to announce that my next book will be published by HarperCollins, which is known as one of the most commercial book publishers.

As always, I appreciate you dropping by to read my blog. Please feel free to send me your comments and/or pricing questions.

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Readers' Comments on This Blog Entry

From David Straus on April 23th, 2008
You have worked very hard and I know this will be a great book.
From Ivana Taylor on April 24th, 2008
When is it scheduled to come out?
From Rei Vilo on February 12th, 2009
Bonsoir ! Your first book was close to a revelation for me! I've found here a good case of pricing challenge for a iPhone app: 99¢, 99¢ plus donation, $9.99? See -> appcubby (dot) com (slash) blog (slash) files (slash) the_experiment (dot) html for more details. (Sorry for the slash and dot: they are not allowed in the comment). I suggested the appcubby developper to read your book "The Art Of Pricing: How To Find The Hidden Profits To Grow Your Business". I'm sure he/she'll made profits to continue developing high-value apps for iPhone and iPod touch users! Good luck for your new book and best regards,