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New Book Update

Posted on February 17th, 2009 (0 Comments)

I am pleased to let you know that I just turned in the final chapter of my new pricing book to HarperCollins. I learned a great deal from writing The Art of Pricing and have incorporated those learnings into this new book…I am very proud of this book and am looking forward to its release.

Since I am a proponent of discussing value in terms of a product’s next best alternative, let me share with you why this book is unique:

1. This book is focused on implementation. It provides the first framework (7 straightforward steps) that succinctly solves the challenge that every company in the world faces: “what pricing strategy should I use for my products and goods?”

2. What I am so pleased about is this simple and straightforward framework is versatile. It can handle offensive pricing strategies as well as defensive pricing strategies (e.g., recession, inflation, new competitor). Because of this framework, the book is also well suited for academic pricing courses. If you are teaching a pricing course and are interested in adopting the book, please contact me for more information.

3. The book has 11 real life stories about pricing managers from well-known companies who faced, overcame, and profited from pricing challenges. I think you’ll find these stories both inspirational and interesting.

4. I have received a lot of great feedback on both the premise (i.e., hook) and title (which I’ll announce shortly). An editor once told me that the book would sell on the title alone!

5. Finally, the book is written in a blue chip business casual style. Sadly, all of my jokes have been edited out.

Thanks for your support and putting up with the occasional missed blog during this long writing period. In that vein, I am taking a brief break and I’ll be fresh and ready to go for the next new blog which will be during the week of March 1.

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