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Happy Holidays

Posted on December 24th, 2009 (3 Comments)

I'm pleased to say that I just overnighted the final set of page proofs to my publisher and my new price strategy book is set for publication on March 16.

The next new blog will be during the week of January 4.

My Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2010.

Here's the book flap text:

Leading pricing expert Rafi Mohammed shows businesses how to reap a financial windfall and foster growth using the underutilized and often overlooked strategy of setting prices.

The 1% Windfall reveals how modest incremental changes to an everyday business practice - pricing - can yield significant rewards. Illustrating the power of pricing, a study of the Global 1200 found that if companies raised prices by just 1%, their average operating profits would increase by 11%. Using a 1% increase in price, some companies would see even more growth in percentage of profit: Sears, 155%; McKesson, 100%, Tyson, 81%, Land O’Lakes, 58%, Whirlpool, 35%.

The good news is that better pricing is more than simply raising prices. Instead, the key is to offer customers a variety of pricing options. This strategy is win-win: profits to companies and choices for consumers.

But how do executives and managers set the right price? Underpinned by sound empiricalresearch and real-life anecdotes, The 1% Windfall addresses this fundamental question. This book offers guidelines that any company - whether a multi-national conglomerate, small business, or even a non-profit - can follow to create a comprehensive pricing strategy for any product or service. In addition, these techniques and tools provide solutions to avert a slump in a recession, offset the impact of inflation, or battle a new competitor.

The result is a clear “how to” blueprint for companies to price for profit and growth.

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Readers' Comments on This Blog Entry

From Ariel Baños on December 24th, 2009
Congratulations Rafi for your new book. It will surely will be a great investment for those trying to find new pricing opportunities. Ariel Baños fijaciondeprecios,com
From Carlos Zevallos on December 31st, 2009
Congratulations on the new forthcoming book, Raffi. I have read TAOP and it has been life changing - I am sure to snap up the 1% windfall when it comes out in March. Here's to a healthy and happy 2010! Carlos Zevallos
From Frederic Quaranta on January 1st, 2010
Dear Rafi, Thanks for your blog and very interesting thought. I am a professional in Sales & Marketing in Automotive industry. I spent part of my free time blogging in French. In my last post, I linked to your blog and used your website graphic to illustrate the 1% principle. I will follow your blog with RSS. Frederic Quaranta