Rafi Mohammed

How a Pricing Expert Gets the Best Deal on Hotels

Posted on September 20th, 2016 (0 Comments)

Given my vocation, I tend to hear from friends when they are either buying a car or trying to get a great deal on vacation travel. Since most of my readers often travel on business, I am sharing my "secrets" to getting the best deals at many of the top hotels in the world. I’ve saved thousands of dollars by using these tips.

So to begin your savings on business, as well as persona,l travel, please check out my piece for the Harvard Business Review (apologies for the delay in posting).

Also, please check out my Facebook Live Pricing for Profit & Growth talk with the Harvard Business Review this Friday (September 23) by logging on to the HBR’s Facebook page at 11 AM EST (also will be available in their archive). These HBR talks are popular, averaging close to 40,000 views (both live and archived) per talk. 

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