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Gone Snorkelin'…Please Check Out Some of My Favorite Blogs From The Past

Posted on July 3th, 2007 (1 Comments)

With this being the Fourth of July holiday week in the U.S., I’m heading to the beach for a little fun and relaxation.

Given that blog readership has really skyrocketed since March, I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite blogs that you may have missed.

I find the psychology of pricing to be truly fascinating. This blog discusses an interesting pricing experiment that Richard Thaler conducted at Cornell University. Many consider Dick to be a “shoo in” to win a future Nobel Prize in economics.

Rarely does a day pass that I don’t realize that indeed “Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus.” This blog discusses the difference in how men and women think about flowers on Valentines Day. The Wall Street Journal’s blog actually picked this one up!

I love going to rock concerts and am endlessly fascinated by the pricing of concert tickets. This blog provides interesting insights on why some rock stars charge the same ticket price for all seats; front row tickets are priced the same as those in the last row.

Finally, in addition to being my personal favorite strategy, bundling is the most popular pricing strategy in existence. This blog discusses the benefits of bundling.

I want to thank my friends at the Worldwide Printing Thermographers Association for their hospitality at the recent speech I gave for them on pricing. Their president, Allan Greenspan, was kind enough to provide a testimonial about my speech. While this Allan is not THE Alan you may be thinking of, he’s still a great guy and successful businessman. And it’s my understanding that he never has a problem getting a reservation at any restaurant he wants to dine at!

The next new blog will be on Tuesday, July 10.

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From Quentin Allen on July 3th, 2007
As a rank novice, I've read your book on Pricing and find it enjoyable, understandable and useable. I appreciate the fact you don't write "down" to people like me. You wrap a generous amount of humor and down to earth analogies that really help. Good luck in your future endeavors.