Rafi Mohammed

How About 'Both' Instead of 'Either/Or'

Posted on June 2nd, 2010 (1 Comments)

I am pleased to share a very nice profile on me and The 1% Windfall just published by BusinessWeek in its print edition that is available at news stands now.

Now on to the blog…

This week’s blog returns to the ongoing discussion of e-books and pricing. In an op-ed in this week’s Publisher’s Weekly, I make what I believe is a new-to-the-discussion argument that for the right price, some readers may be interested in purchasing both the hardcover and digital versions of a book.

As always, will love to hear your comments.

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Readers' Comments on This Blog Entry

From Jeff on June 2nd, 2010
Why not? This is what is happening in the Movie Industry with both DVD and Blu-Ray Combo packs, along with digital download versions of the film for mobile devices. Makes perfect sense, and as a consumer, sometimes the digital version is easier and sometimes the hardcover is nicer. I want both.