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Price Strategy Consulting

Pricing for Profit and Growth

Rafi Mohammed helps companies create and implement pricing strategies that generate the highest profit from their products and services. He works with a wide range of companies including B2B and B2C, product or service-oriented, multi-nationals to small businesses to non-profits. New pricing strategies can activate dormant customers as well as fully capture the value that customers place on products and services.

Typical Pricing Engagements

One Day Pricing Summit
It's often best to start focusing on pricing by gathering together top management who are involved with and affected by pricing. What's working? What's not? Where are the opportunities? Pricing summits result in insights that can be implemented as early as tomorrow morning as well as map out longer term initiatives.

Pricing Diagnostic
A pricing diagnostic helps to answer the key question of, “How can I improve my company's pricing strategy?” A typical project involves conducting a series of experienced judgment interviews, analyzing company-internal data, and undertaking external research. These efforts result in fact-based insights and actionable recommendations.

Pricing Strategy
Companies are often interested in developing a comprehensive pricing strategy for a new product. Our focus is to devise a series of pricing strategies to earn the highest profit as well as serve the most customers.

Customized Pricing Guides
You don't need to a consulting firm to help set the price of every product today or in the future. We custom design easy-to-use frameworks to help managers determine the right set of strategies and prices for their product lines. These frameworks create a pricing for profit and growth foundation for a company to build upon.

Optimal Windowing and Versioning Strategy
Much like movies start off showing at cinemas and eventually end up at being rented at dollar vending machines, products often follow a similar pathway to profits. We help companies reap the highest profits and growth by employing a series of product versions, prices, distribution outlets, and pricing strategies.

Culture of Profit - a Boutique Consultancy

One of the key differentiating factors of working with Culture of Profit is the significant involvement of Rafi Mohammed - author of two leading pricing strategy books and numerous articles on pricing - on every project. You are assured of receiving the most cutting edge ideas and strategies.

Virtually every client becomes a repeat client because of our focus on hitting business homeruns. Our reputation of excellence is truly what matters most to us. Most consulting firms rely heavily on junior team members to conduct pricing analyses. The downside of this practice is that many key pricing nuances are missed because team members aren't well-versed in pricing.

Just as important, the emphasis of our projects is on generating actionable insights and strategies. Our projects focus on what matters most: earning the highest profits and serving the most customers.