Price Strategy Consulting - Diagnostic

Executives often feel their organization can improve its pricing strategy but don't know where to start. A Pricing Diagnostic - our most popular consulting project - tests and probes every facet of an organization's pricing operations and strategies. At the conclusion of a Diagnostic, we identify and solve immediate pricing opportunities as well as highlight longer term initiatives to consider further pursuing.

We strive for the additional profits uncovered in a Diagnostic to easily exceed our client's project investment. We provide frequent updates to and invite critical feedback from key stakeholders throughout a case. This emphasis on communication builds the buy-in necessary to ensure our clients reap a healthy return on their investment in our services.

Typical Diagnostic Engagement Methodology (6 - 8 Weeks)

  • Kickoff: Rafi presents key Pricing for Profit and Growth Principles at company-wide meeting.
  • Rafi conducts 20 - 30 interviews with key personnel.
  • Rafi presents Theory of the Case to company managers for feedback.
  • Updates every 1 - 2 weeks with internal Pricing Steering Committee.
  • 10 - 30 qualitative customer interviews.
  • 1 - 5 quantitative web surveys with customers as well as internal personnel.
  • Data analyses on internal and external data.
  • Incorporate previous market research into our findings.
  • Present draft of final findings to Pricing Steering Committee - receive critical feedback.
  • Present final recommendations to company.