Pricing Strategy Executive Education PLUS

Since pricing is an important strategy for every organization - it makes sense to train team members on the latest pricing insights and strategies. The challenge is pricing is relevant to and influenced by several members of an organization including: CEO, CFO, General Managers, Marketing, and Sales. For a company to execute a well-coordinated pricing strategy, it's crucial for all of these team members to be on the same page about pricing strategy and how to set prices. It's costly and time consuming to send a large contingency away for training.

Problem solved: have Dr. Rafi Mohammed come to your company for a 1 - 2 day customized executive education pricing course. A key benefit is everyone who touches pricing can attend the workshop. A valuable part of our Executive Education PLUS program is after presenting key pricing concepts, Rafi brainstorms with the group to gain valuable insights on the company's most pressing pricing issues.

Executive Education PLUS trains company personnel on core pricing principles and provides practical experience by working together to start resolving current pricing issues. The final output is akin to the results of a mini-consulting engagement: a "Draft Cut" list of tactics to solve and capitalize on pricing issues faced by the company. A workshop for a company with $75M in revenues, for instance, resulted in an estimated $850K boost in profit in the current fiscal year with the potential of a $6.25M - $11.25M increase in profit annually within a few years.

What People are Saying

"Rafi's presentation on The Art of Pricing gave us insights that have the potential for gaining millions of dollars in additional profits. Pricing is indeed an art that is neglected by far too many people in sales and marketing." Vince Rhoton, Lifetime Products, Inc.

"Rafi exceeded my expectations. The entire FSBPT team found his facilitation style to be effective in helping us look at old prices/products in new ways. We left the meeting with many useful, implementable ideas. I also found that he took the time to be prepared and worked to understand our specific context and challenges. This is often the skill that is missing in consultants who have a "method" for success. Overall it was a very positive experience for FSBPT." Susan Layton, Chief Operating Officer - Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

"Rafi, Once again, thanks for an excellent workshop. We got what we needed of it. Hopefully we provided some interesting stories for you as well. Very useful offsite for my organization." Steve Gold, President and CEO - Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity