Pricing Strategy Speeches

Looking for a speech that truly resonates with your group's needs? Ask your conference attendees how confident they are in the prices they set for their businesses. Most will respond, "Not confident." A speech on how to create a comprehensive pricing strategy meets an important need of your audience members.

Until recently, insights on pricing have been primarily academic. It's no surprise managers struggle with pricing - the literature has not been targeted to them. Rafi's mission via his books, articles, and speeches is to make these academic theories managerially relevant. The goal of his speeches is for audience members to leave confident in their understanding of pricing strategy and most importantly, armed with a list of initiatives they can start working on when they return to the office.

A native English speaker (born in Milwaukee, raised in Cincinnati), Rafi is an award winning teacher and highly rated conference speaker. Prior to each speech, he works with conference coordinators to customize his speech to the audience as well as address the important pricing issues they face. In addition to clearly presenting pricing strategies, he makes the speech fun by generously interspersing humor. Your audience will leave Rafi's speech with the satisfaction of gaining much needed business knowledge as well as intrigued by his pricing stories.

Speeches typically run 60 - 90 minutes. A recent trend has been to add a more intimate salon session later in the day. This allows interested audience members to ask follow-up questions so they can better apply insights to their own businesses.

What People are Saying:

"Rafi was fantastic...he was diligent and thoughtful in his homework and a hit!" Lincoln Healthcare Group

"Rafi's presentation was excellent, right on target for our members." Mark Milroy, American Society of Association Executives

"Non-profits are just as concerned with developing a solid pricing strategy as the private sector. The Art of Pricing gave our staff and board of directors a number of strategies that we have successfully implemented to evaluate the value of our services and events to maximize profitability. As a result, we have new resources to put back into our mission and the communities we serve." Jim Falk, President & CEO, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Ft. Worth

#1 rated speaker and #1 selling book at annual Professional Pricing Society Conference. San Francisco

"Rafi Mohammed, author of the must read The Art of Pricing, simply captivated our conference audience, both with his depth of knowledge of the specific issues associated with senior move management and with his engaging, interactive style. Our group of entrepreneurial attendees was amazed at his solid grasp of their individual concerns, particularly in such a new and relatively unknown field as senior move services. As a veteran conference planner, I have observed few national speakers who are as friendly and fascinating as Mr. Mohammed." Mary Kay Buysee, Director, National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)

"Rafi, your presentation at the annual Worldwide Printing Thermographers Association conference was a definite home run. It was obvious you have a great understanding of pricing strategies and also took time to get familiar with our members' business models. You presented what could be a difficult topic and broke it down to a level that was not only understandable, but fun for us to discuss. Your interactive presentation style made this a very enjoyable presentation...Great Job!" Allan Greenspan CPA, President -Worldwide Printing Thermographers Association.