Specialty Pricing Consulting Projects

We excel at helping clients solve their specific pricing challenges. Typical pricing projects include:

Determining the right price. A key challenge involves determining the right price for the products our clients sell - this can range from a handful to thousands of SKUs. Methodologies employed include general market research, conjoint analysis, analyses of historical sales, win-loss analyses, client interviews, value-based comparisons with close next best alternative products, and expert judgment workshops with front line employees.

Designing the right pricing strategy - new products. Implementing the right price and strategies for a new product are crucial. After incurring a significant investment to roll out a new product, the final hurdle to success is setting the right price. Our projects help ensure that once customers become interested in a product, they purchase it.

New pricing strategies to grow sales. Our specialty is employing new pricing strategies to activate dormant customers. New strategies (e.g., bundling, volume discounts, versions, etc.) designed to better meet customers' pricing needs generate additional profits and growth.

Enhance salesforce price realization. We work with salesforces to sell on value, promote pricing strategies which better meet customer needs, determine the right price in each selling occasion, and design incentives to push for the best price.

Customized pricing guides. You don't need to hire a consulting firm to set the prices of every product today or in the future. We custom design easy-to-use frameworks to help managers determine the right set of strategies and prices for their product lines. These frameworks create a Pricing for Profit and Growth foundation for a company to build upon.

Optimal windowing and versioning strategies. Much like movies start off showing at cinemas and eventually end up available for rental at low cost vending machines, products often follow a similar profit pathway. We help companies reap the highest profits and growth by employing a series of product versions, prices, distribution outlets, and pricing strategies.